red-arrow-rightFully-Air Conditioned Class rooms.
    red-arrow-rightValue Based Learning.
    red-arrow-rightTransport Facility.
    red-arrow-rightLearning With Fun.
    red-arrow-rightOverall Personality Development.
    red-arrow-rightSelf -Confidence Enviroment That's ideal For Learning
    red-arrow-rightPhysical Education And Games.
    red-arrow-right100% Power And Water Back Up.
    red-arrow-rightR.O. System Installed For Pure Drinking Water.
    red-arrow-rightTeacher To Student Ratio 1:20.
    red-arrow-rightHighly Motivated,Deeply Dedicated And Loving Teachers.
    red-arrow-rightEach Classroom Is Equipped With C.C.T.V.Cameras For Smooth running of The Classes.
    red-arrow-rightIntercom facilities

  • Admission

    animated_gif_bullets_284PLAY GROUP & PRE NURSERY – 2 years +


    “Play is the highest form of research.”

    Our playgroup curriculum is an activity based, hands-on learning program that includes art, theatre, water play, music, yoga, stories and much more. Children from the age of 18 months to 2.5 years, learn various cognitive skills, get acquainted with social- engagement, start understanding the value of being an emotional being, develop language skills and above all grow & understand the need of being a social being. We at Mother’s Play Scool believe in the fact that this is the best time to educate “little humans”about life and hence we focus on all the primary domains of your child”s toddler year development.

    animated_gif_bullets_284NURSERY – 

    “NURSERY is about getting prepared for entering a structured education space.”

    The nursery group designed for children between age group of 3 to 4 years introduces more of a subject-based learning where the children start learning the4 basics in mathematics, environmental studies, science, art and get a platform for learning languages.

     animated_gif_bullets_284K.G –

    “Life is about using the whole box of crayons.”

    By the age of 4 years, children start understanding the concept of being intellectual, putting up questions, answering open-ended questions and above all the concept of time. 

     animated_gif_bullets_284 1st to Vth  –

    “The duty of education is to stir up life, but to leave it free to develop.”

     Each individual child is nurtured within the framework of a professionally designed structured curriculum.

    At the time of admission, the following documents along with registration fee should be submitted to the Front desk of administrative section.


    animated_gif_bullets_284Filled in form should be submitted in the office along with

    red-arrow-rightLatest two colored passport size photograph of the students in school uniform.
    red-arrow-rightPhotographs of the parents.
    red-arrow-rightPhotocopy of Birth Certificate .
    red-arrow-rightAddress Proof, Pan card / Driving license / Electricity Bill.

  • Holidays List (2016)

    red-arrow-rightThursday March 24 -16


    red-arrow-rightFriday March 25 -16

    Good Friday

    red-arrow-rightFriday April 15 -16

    Ram Navami

    red-arrow-rightTuesday April 20 -16

    Mahavir Jayanti.

    red-arrow-rightSaturday May 21 -16

    Buddha Purnima.

    red-arrow-rightWednesday July 06 -16

    Idu'l Fitr.

    red-arrow-rightMonday August 15 -16

    Independence Day.

    red-arrow-rightThursday August 25 -16


    red-arrow-rightMonday September 12 -16

    Idul Juha.

    red-arrow-rightSunday October 02 -16

    Mahatma Gandhi Birthday.

    red-arrow-rightTuesday October 11 -16


    red-arrow-rightWednesday October 12 -16


    red-arrow-rightSunday October 30 -16

    Deewali Deepawali.

    red-arrow-rightMonday November 14 -16

    Guru Nanak Birthday.

    red-arrow-rightTuesday December 13 -16


    red-arrow-rightSunday December 25 -16

    Christmas Day.

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    "The aim of Mothers Loves School is to provide a happy , caring and secure environment for your child . our structured school programme is designed to stimulate and enhance your child’s educational and social development, providing him or her with an excellent foundation for school and latter life .

    Your child is the most important contributor to our school. Our program, staff and environment will coincide with his/ her needs and growth patterns. At happy smiles, we will provide opportunities for each child to experience learning through hands on activities that promote the usage of learning manipulative, educational toys, and a curriculum that enables children to reach their intellectual potential. Our program includes early literacy skills, dramatic play, building fine and gross motor skills, arts and crafts, dance, music, increasing vocabulary skills through performing arts and interactive story time."

  • Our Address

    Address: H-4/67,Bengali Colony, Mahavir Enclave,N.D.-45.

    PH: 011-25054156

    Mobile No : +91-9871117778

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