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    red-arrow-rightValue Based Learning.
    red-arrow-rightTransport Facility.
    red-arrow-rightLearning With Fun.
    red-arrow-rightOverall Personality Development.
    red-arrow-rightSelf -Confidence Enviroment That's ideal For Learning
    red-arrow-rightPhysical Education And Games.
    red-arrow-right100% Power And Water Back Up.
    red-arrow-rightR.O. System Installed For Pure Drinking Water.
    red-arrow-rightTeacher To Student Ratio 1:20.
    red-arrow-rightHighly Motivated,Deeply Dedicated And Loving Teachers.
    red-arrow-rightEach Classroom Is Equipped With C.C.T.V.Cameras For Smooth running of The Classes.
    red-arrow-rightIntercom facilities

  • Photo Gallery


    MORE PHOTO…                           



    School Celebrated Lohri festival on 13/01/2017 with dance activities filled with joy. The purpose of this was to make  students understand the Indian culture and importance of this festival. Students dressed up in festival attire and groved up on beats.

    02 - CopyMORE PHOTO…                           



    The year is around end and in order to celebrate christmas and new year, the school organized a christmas party for its students on 24/12/16 where they can show their talent in extra curricular activities.
    Santa Claus was the center point for all students and the fancy dresses of the students was another glittering part of the party.
    Really !!! It was fun watching them.

    02 - CopyMORE PHOTO…                           



    With an objective to create and educate children about the importance and consumption of fruits and vegetables in regular diet, school celebrated“Fruit and Vegetable Day” on 29th July, 2016 (Friday). It was a colourful day for the school as children dressed themselves as fruits and vegetables to celebrate Fruit and Vegetable day. Children took part in the day long activities and enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Teachers made interesting stories to motivate kids to include green vegetables and fruits in their diet. Teachers also explained the importance of fruits and vegetables intake in diet for mental and physical growth.

    02 - CopyMORE PHOTO…                           



    Show and tell is the key part of the school day and an important part of child’s learning and development, as it helps them to organise information and builds their confidence. It is also a great way to encourage child’s interest in a particular topic. Keeping this in mind we organized SHOW AND TELL COMPETITION on 15/07/16.The students chose an object of their choice and spokeabout that object.

    02 - CopyMORE PHOTO…                           

     BEST OUT OF WASTE” (2016)


    School organized a competition on the topic BEST OUT OF WASTE on 15/7/16 in which students brought waste materials (CDs, bottles, etc.) to school and made something useful out of it. The objective of this competition was to create love for environment by making best out of waste with help of waste things. This also generates an out of box thinking in the students to explore new ideas and making them self-confident.

    02 - CopyMORE PHOTO…                           

     EARTH DAY” (2016)


    Earth day is a great time to plan fun, educational and action oriented activities. Our school celebrated“Earth Day”on 22nd April, 2016 (Friday). On this day, we organized multiple activities such as-Globe Making Activity, paper bag making, hand print and use water activity. These activities not only create interest in them about the earth but also help to aware them about the importance of protecting and saving our earth. Students came in green dresses to celebrate this day.

    02 - CopyMORE PHOTO…                           

     “CHRISTMAS DAY” (2015)


    Christmas Day is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, observed most commonly on December 25 as a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world.  The tiny tots enacted childhood scenes. Teachers explained the festival importance to the students with kid’s song, drama.

    02 - CopyMORE PHOTO…                           

     “JANAMASHTAMI” (2015)


    Janamashtami is the commemoration of the birth of the lord Krishna. It was celebrated with gaiety on 4/9/15(Friday). It seemed the angles dressed in Lord Krishna’s attire landed on the earth and they were looking adorable in their costumes. The tiny tots enacted childhood scenes of Lord Krishna. Teachers explained the festival importance to the students with kid’s song, aarti and bhajans.

     02  MORE PHOTO…

     “RAKSHABANDHAN ”(2015)


    Rakshabandhan is a celebration of the abiding and immaculate bond of love between brother and sister. So we celebrated Rakshabandhan on 28/8/2015 (Friday). The teachers explained the significance of the festival in their respective classes while girls tied the auspicious thread (Rakhi) around the wrist of the boys who gave gifts and sweets in exchange. Many interesting activities such as Rakhi making, Rakhi card making, Pooja Thali Decoration were organised on this eve. These activities not only teach the children more about the festival but also help them explore their creativity.


     “Yellow Day” – 29th July(2015)


    Pre – nursery students celebrated “yellow day” on 29th July Wednesday with great enthusiasm and by doing different types of entertaining activities. Children came to the school in yellow colour dresses. Their teachers too were dressed up in the same colour as their students.They brought yellow fruits such as bananas, pineapples and mangoes etc. in their lunch boxes to make the activity more exciting. The entire class was decorated with yellow colour items such as yellow balloons, paper sun flowers, yellow toys etc.The poems on yellow colour were also recited in the class which made the children happy, energetic and joyful. The excitement and joy of this day is priceless.


    “GO GREEN DAY”- 31st July (2015)


    To save our environment “GO GREEN DAY” was celebrated on 31st July (Friday) with full enthusiasm by our school. The school motivated the students to plant more and more trees in order to make the surroundings green. An array of activities like –hand printing activity, go green and plant a tree, say no to plastic bags, drawing and poster making competition with topics related to environment were organised in the different classes to sensitise the young students on this issue. Teachers interacted with the students and spoke about threats to the environmental issues.These activities helped the students to understand the importance of the 3P’s –Protect, preserve and promote “Mother Earth”.

    img-1MORE PHOTO…


    MOTHER’S LOVE SCHOOL celebrated Independence Day with great pomp and show.It was nice to see the little ones in patriotic coloured clothes with national flag in their tiny hands.The entire school was beautifully decorated with tri-colour flags and balloons.At this day, we commemorate all the great personalities who had played their important role in the Independence of India.The children wonderfully performed in many events (patriotic songs, dance, skit, etc). A flag making activity was organised during which the students not only learned little more about the patriotic symbolism of the tri-colour but also explored art activities like paper pasting and tearing etc.They relished sweets and candies. Ceremony ended with the slogans of “Jai Hind”.


    Fruits & Vegetables day


    School celebrated the fruit and vegetable day on 20th April (Monday) with an aim to educate children about the importance of fruits and vegetables. All the  children were found to be quite thrilled and were positive on the fact that fruits and vegetables are better than junk food. Children and teachers sang rhymes on fruits and vegetables. Some students dressed themselves as different fruits and vegetables and some wore garlands and crown made of fresh vegetables and fruits. Teachers made interesting stories to motivate kids to include green vegetables and fruits in their diet. It was a colorful day for the school.


    Yellow Colour Day- 21 July(2014)


    TOY DAY(Show & Tell)-23 July(2014)


    Amazing Kitchen Activity- 23 July(2014)


    Story Telling Competition- 25 July(2014)


    Rakhi Celebration8- August(2014)

    The sacred festival of brothers and sister known as Rakshbandhan celebrated on Friday (08/08/2014). Celebration of festivals in school is necessary. Such celebrations in school teach students about our traditions. Love between a brother and sister is, indeed, very pure and precious. The tiny tots of Mother’s Love School celebrated this day in a traditional way. The girls put roli and rice on the forehead of the boys and tied rakhi on their wrist. Sweets were exchanged and boys also gave gifts to the girls. The students had fun and enjoyed the day thoroughly.


    Independence Day’s Celebration- 14 August(2014)

    With the advent of month of August, All of us are filled with a zeal and enthusiasm to express the feeling of unity and patriotism. So every year we, the Indians, celebrate Independence Day on 15th August. Our school celebrated it on August 14th ,”Flag Decoration Activity” was also organised on August 13th.(by paper tearing).We pay homage to the countless freedom fighters as we celebrated Independence Day in the school premises. This year great preparations were made in our school. 


    Janamashtami’s Celebration-14 August(2014)

    Janamashtami was celebrated with gaiety on 14/08/2014(Thursday). The school was decorated with posters of Lord Krishna. A fancy dress was organized for the tiny tots. Dressed in the attire of Krishna and Gopikas, tiny tots spread the message of ancient puranas and our traditions. This event brought awareness among the children about traditional customs while they also enjoyed the pranks of Lord Krishna. The entire school merged itself into the spirituality and divinity .The students performed colorful dance, performance on Lord Krishna. The whole arena got lively and vivacious. Fun and frolic marked the presentation.




    The green colour was introduced with lot of enthusiasm in the pre-nursery on 26|09|2014(Friday).Children came dressed up in green clothes and had fun time at the green corner which was beautifully arranged with the assortment of green things. Children relished green food during the lunch break.



    Keeping the festive spirit alive, Dussehra was celebrated on 30th September at MOTHER’S LOVE SCHOOL. It was a colourful and much enjoyed day as the school celebrated the auspicious occasion of ‘Dussehra’ with limitless fun and excitement.The traditionally attired little STARS added colour and flavour to the festive celebrations.A special assembly was conducted in which various activities including speeches on Dussehra, Poetic Ramayana and a dance on Hanuman glorifying the occasion.

    diwaliMORE PHOTO…

    DIWALI – 21 Oct(2014)




    Teachers are second to parents. When a child comes to me and says that I have made a difference to his life, it gives me immense satisfaction and pleasure.The celebration just becomes a day for our students and us to recognize the work that teachers do for students.Teachers are one of the greatest people whom you come across in your life. They are not only the selfless givers but also the mentors of your life.Teachers’ day at “Mother’s love School” was celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm. The day started with giving a tribute to Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan who was a renowned scholar, President of India and an avid supporter of education.


    Last Years Pictures(2014)



    Red Day(2014)

    The pre- primary children wore their best red dresses and it seemed the entire block was painted red. They enjoyed stamping red cars and apples into their books. They relished their favorite red fruits in breakfast. Tomato hand puppet was the best relevance to red colour for the youngest of all pre-nursery. Nursery children had their tentacles alert as they wore the lady bug head band and the prep children too had their huge lady bugs flying all over and had a fun filled warm “red day” at schools.


      Magic Show

    “A Day dedicated to Childhood”


    On the occasion of birth anniversary of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru on Nov. 14 which is celebrated as Children’s day, we organized a MAGIC SHOW in our school. A magician along with his assistants performed lots of magic tricks. He started with a pigeon from his hand, making lot of things from an empty box etc. Kids had fun and enjoyed his magic tricks.


    Christmas Celebrations


  • Holidays List (2016)

    red-arrow-rightThursday March 24 -16


    red-arrow-rightFriday March 25 -16

    Good Friday

    red-arrow-rightFriday April 15 -16

    Ram Navami

    red-arrow-rightTuesday April 20 -16

    Mahavir Jayanti.

    red-arrow-rightSaturday May 21 -16

    Buddha Purnima.

    red-arrow-rightWednesday July 06 -16

    Idu'l Fitr.

    red-arrow-rightMonday August 15 -16

    Independence Day.

    red-arrow-rightThursday August 25 -16


    red-arrow-rightMonday September 12 -16

    Idul Juha.

    red-arrow-rightSunday October 02 -16

    Mahatma Gandhi Birthday.

    red-arrow-rightTuesday October 11 -16


    red-arrow-rightWednesday October 12 -16


    red-arrow-rightSunday October 30 -16

    Deewali Deepawali.

    red-arrow-rightMonday November 14 -16

    Guru Nanak Birthday.

    red-arrow-rightTuesday December 13 -16


    red-arrow-rightSunday December 25 -16

    Christmas Day.

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